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The price is 900 dhr per person for a group course. Each course is for up to 4 people & includes lunch partially prepared by you…no complaints to cook that day then!

If you wish to make it a private course for just 1 or 2 people, please select the 'exclusive course' on the booking page. The exclusive price is 2400 dhr for up to 2 people.

We also offer an optional guided market walk at 9.30am where we take you to the local food maket to buy the ingredients for your course. The price is an extra 100 dhr per person.

maison mk guests can book anytime through the guest manager. External bookings (non-resident guests) are only taken up to 30 days ahead as we need to give priority to our room guests first, then all external bookings are taken online. Please click HERE for details to see all the information about how to book.

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Download our food and drinks PDF menus here.

Moroccan Cooking Morning 

09:30      walk to the market (optional)

Optional guided walk down to the local market through the souks.

10:30       cooking           

• moroccan salads - create a selection of Moroccan salads

• bread making - make Moroccan bread the old fashioned way & bake it in the local communal wood fired oven

• tagine - create a delicious tagine (lamb or vegetable) with the chefs.

• couscous - make the couscous to go with your tagine & salads

• mint tea - learn to make the famous mint tea & practice pouring it from a great height !

1:30           lunch

aprons off & head up to the roof where you can enjoy your first home-made tagine.


Price : 900dhr per person including lunch. (Optional trip to the market costs 100dhr per person)