Cooking courses

We have 2 different Moroccan cooking courses at maison mk. They both run from 10am until 1pm and are for a maximum of four people

Course one is split between a fascinating visit to the vibrant local market, and cooking an authentic tagine. Click here to see the proposed timetable.

Course two is all cooking - we will provide the raw ingredients and you will be hands-on cooking a selection of Moroccan dishes.

Each course is for up to 4 people & includes lunch partially prepared by you !(if you want to book for 2 people exclusively, its 2400dhr per couple)(External bookings only taken up to 2 weeks ahead)


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Download our food and drinks PDF menus here.

Course Two - all cooking

moroccan salads + tagine + couscous + bread + mint tea

10:00       moroccan salads
Create a selection of Moroccan salads using the ingredients that the chef has bought for you

11:00        bread making           
Make bread the old fashioned way & take it to the communal oven to cook in the wood-fired oven

11:30         tagine            
Create a delicious tagine with our chef in the mk kitchen. Lamb, beef, chicken, fish, or vegetarian. Just let chef know the day before.

12:15        couscous
Create a vegetable couscous to go with your tagine & salads.

12:45         mint tea
Learn to make the famous mint tea & practice pouring it from a great height!

1:00            lunch
Aprons off & head to the roof to eat & enjoy what you have prepared.

Price : 1800dhr per couple (includes lunch)