security , credit cards, and all that scary stuff

We take security very seriously at maison mk and we know that it is a subject that concerns lots of our guests as well.

Why do you take a credit card as security ?

Guests often ask us why we need to take a credit card as security for a restaurant booking, so here is the reason…

In the past we used to take bookings with no credit card and we found that up to 30% of guests did not show up on the night ! We are only a small restaurant & are often full so we found that we appeared to be “full” so we did not take any more bookings for that night. But once we started serving dinner then the restaurant was 1/3 empty and at the same time we had turned away lots of guests that wanted to eat with us – this was bad for the guests and also bad for us. So we started to take a credit card as security for the booking and now almost every body shows up & it means that far more guests are able to get a reservation at gastro mk.

Please note that we DO NOT take a deposit – we only take the card details as security & if you do not show up on the night then we may charge the credit card with £20 per person. Cancellations can be made up to 24 hours in advance of your dinner, and even if you cancel within that 24 hour period, we will do our best to re-let the table & if we can then there is no charge at all.

(if you book a group of more than 6 people, or you book one of our packages (spa + dinner, or dinner + overnight stay, then we do take a deposit at the time of booking)

Are my credit card details safe & secure ?

We have made the entire website a secure website (you should see a padlock at the top of your browser window, or the word SECURE, and the page should start with https://) to ensure that any information you enter is encrypted & handled securely between your browser and maison mk.

Additionally, we use a booking widget, created by Resdiary,  (the orange booking calendars) to record all of your information, including sensitive credit card data. This booking widget is also a secure widget that complies with all PCI data requirements for handling confidential card data – so we have 2 levels of security, our website and also the Resdiary booking widget.

On top of all of this, we use STRIPE (international credit card processing company) to handle all the credit card data. We DO NOT receive your credit card details – they go directly to Stripe who hold your card information. They give us an encrypted code that we store in our system & this allows us to charge your card if you do not show up on the night.

if you have any further concerns about security, please get in touch and we will do what we can to help.

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